Vintage Bulbs

Vintage bulbs

Vintage light bulb which is also known as Edison light bulb.

Vintage light bulbs are replicated bulbs of the first light bulb which was introduced by Thomas Edison backdated to 100 years and it is designed to show the filament just as the first made filament light.
Have you ever heard that LED technology is used in reproducing many of the Vintage bulbs? Yes, you heard it correct. Check it out they are very cost effective and energy saving too!..You will come across a variety of vintage bulb collection if you step on to “LEDsone” . LED bulbs, Bayonet light bulbs, E27 screw bulbs, B22 screw bulbs, Vintage light bulbs, Edison light bulbs, Antique light bulbs, Filament light bulbs, Incandescent bulbs, Dimmable bulbs, Decorative light bulbs, Standard light bulbs and any type you are searching for is here under one roof.

E27 base bulb which is also known as Edison Screw bulb – Edison bulb is featured with a large screw sock et, 27 millimetres sized and this socket fastens which you screw into your lighting appliance.Experience our great range of E27 bulbs which are perfect for every light fitting around your house. It is the ideal choice! B22 base bulb is also known as twist and lock bulb has the classic bayonet base fitting, which features two ‘mounts’ on either side of the bulb. Furthermore the bayonet base is smoother than Edison-style Edison screw bulb that you see the lines to screw it in. It is recognized as the standard bayonet fitting which is the most famous in the world.

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E14 base bulb is the bulb which is very commonly used in our houses today, a bulb with a small socket. It is the younger brother of E27 Edison screw bulb!..It is known as E14 since it contains 14 millimetre diameter socket.
Incandescent light bulb which is also known as filament bulb is a good choice to your dream house as it emits all colours of lights consequently LED’s only emit a subset of all the visible colours and Incandescent bulb adds a unique atmosphere to any type of home.

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LED light bulb is a more energy efficient light bulb as it wastes less energy by producing less heat, and also focus the light directly instead of 360 degrees as incandescent light bulbs do.
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