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cluster 3 light pendant
metal wire cage ceiling pendant light  3 light
3 light wire cage pendant light
metal wire cage pendant light

Industrial Pendant Light Long Wire Cage Cluster Hanging Light~5144

Regular price £40.39 GBP
Sale price
3 light cluster pendant light
bulb guard cage ceiling pendant light

3 Metal Wire Cage Industrial Cluster Pendant Light~ 5116

Regular price £41.29 GBP
Sale price
Barn slot pendant light
3 Head Ceiling pendant light

3 Way Barn Slot Pendant Light Cluster Ceiling Light Fixture ~4940

Regular price £34.89 GBP
Sale price
Ceiling pendant Light Cage Rectangle Light Fitting
Bird cage Ceiling pendant Light Cage Rectangle Light Fitting

3 Way Ceiling Bird Cage Hanging Pendant Light Fixture ~4800

Regular price £41.49 GBP
Sale price
Hanging ceiling lamp Droplight bar counter lights  pendant
ceiling lamp Droplight bar counter lights ceiling lighting
Orange Modern 3 Head Metal Hanging Light Shade Ceiling Pendant Light LEDSone UK Ltd
 Modern 3 Head Metal Hanging Light Shade Ceiling Pendant Light LEDSone UK Ltd
Cluster Lampshade Chandelier Pendant Ceiling Light Décor Lamp
Lampshade Chandelier Pendant Ceiling Light Décor Lamp

3 Head Cluster Pendant Light Hanging Ceiling Light Lamp Decor~1351

Regular price £32.89 GBP
Sale price £38.49 GBP
3 Ceiling lamp Pendant Cluster Light Modern Light Fitting Red/Black Lampshades- LEDSone UK Ltd
Lamp Pendant Cluster Light Modern Light Fitting Red/Black Lampshades~ LEDSone UK Ltd

3 Head Dome Shade Pendant Light Cluster Hanging Ceiling Light~4492

Regular price £36.89 GBP
Sale price
Diamond Cage Pendant Light Ceiling Hanging Light Fixture
Diamond Cage Pendant Light Ceiling Hanging Light Fixture
Modern 3 Head Metal Hanging Light Shade Ceiling Pendant Light
3 Head Metal Hanging Light Shade Ceiling Pendant Light
Kitchen Island Chandelier 3 Light Cage Ceiling Hanging Pendant Lamp
Chandelier 3 Light Cage Ceiling Hanging Pendant Lamp

Ceiling pendant light

Pendant ceiling light can be any ceiling hanging light, often suspended by a single cord but depending on the weight and/or style some have chains too. Pendant lights are normally lights that can swing rather than be rigid but a few examples of lamps can be found with rigid rods.

In truth any light that hangs from a ceiling is a pendant light. They can have multi branch lights or a single bulb lamp, so what makes some pendant lights popular and some not? We’ve pondered this too! We think that the answer lies in hanging lights offering so much more flexibility. They look great in any room of the home and can be shortened to the perfect height to suit the room and fixed at that point. Some such as Rise and Fall lights can be adjusted up and down at a whim. More about these later.

Suspended from the ceiling, pendant lights are the ultimate statement in lighting. Discover our wide selection of affordable styles and finishes.from contemporary glass pendant ceiling lights, industrial inspired black pendants, or luxe hanging crystal lights to illuminate your room. Browse our wide variety of pendant lighting today, all available at great value prices.
The most sought after lighting there is, pendant lamp fixtures are: excuse the pun, ‘highly’ fashionable. Be they 3 pendant ceiling light or single bell shapes, the hanging lamp looks really chimes and resonates with today’s interior styles. Most ceiling pendant lights are height adjustable upon installation, allowing you to select your ideal hanging height. Available in a multitude of finishes, we'll have lights to suit every trend and room imaginable.

pendant light with cable:-Many of our ceiling pendants come wired with cable. Your electrician will be able to pull excess cable through the ceiling rose and trim it. make sure that you have enough cord and that the ceiling is not angled to the point that the pendant touches the edge. This is where good old trigonometry comes in handy! The ceiling rose may then be affixed to the ceiling, when you’re completely satisfied that it’s hanging at the correct level.

pendant light with chain:-For luxury or more traditional effects, some ceiling pendants are supplied with chain suspension. Much the same as a standard cable suspension, the cable can be shortened and the links removed from the chain to shorten as necessary. Single ceiling pendants with a single hanging cable or chain will work well.

Pendant clusters will not look right, as the shades will gather together at an angle. Ceiling pendant bars can be used, but they must be used horizontally across the gradient.As long as the chain and wire connect directly to the ceiling rose via a chain ring, gravity will always work in your favour and a ceiling pendant will hang downwards.

As long as the rod is not directly attached to the ceiling rose, and is separated with a wire or chain, a ceiling pendant with a rod is fine to use on an angled ceiling. single pendant lights, ceiling pendant bars,ceiling pendant clusters,Long Drop ceiling pendants,multi arm ceiling pendants,chandeliers. Metal pendants offer great convenience and are effortless to maintain. They typically only require a gentle dusting every now and then. You can use a dry cloth or a feather duster to remove dust from the cable, or alternatively, a slightly damp cloth can be used, making sure not to tug on the cable to avoid any potential loosening of electrical connections. In certain cases, the light fixture in the kitchen may accumulate grease from airborne cooking oils, necessitating a slightly more thorough cleaning. Most mild cleaning solutions can be used, but it's advisable to test a small area first. If the metal is untreated, make sure to completely dry it afterwards. Then, apply a light coating of WD40 to seal and protect the metal.

Glass Ceiling Pendants:-Glass Lamps can be made from clear blown or moulded glass where the light bulb can be seen within or coloured, textured, tinted or making the light semi opaque or translucent. If you can remove the glass shade, you may wash the shade in soapy water, rise and dry before replacing. Ensure you have secured the shade before letting go! Most glass shades get broken whilst being cleaned, so do take great care here. Not all lights have replacement shades available as separate items. Metal work or cable suspensions may be dusted with a dry cloth or feather duster.

hemp rope Ceiling Pendants Our hemp rope pendant light will be your best choice! Creative rope shape in natural hemp color, Perfect blend of modern and industrial design, looks attractive and fashionable in all styles of rooms. Its hand-woven design adds a touch of craftsmanship. Made of hemp rope, It provides super protection for the internal circuit safe and durable materials, and its simple structure contributes to its durability. A special light decoration that gives some artistic feeling. There are different decorative retro effects with different bulbs. you can tie Various attractive and unique Knots as your preference. There are a variety of lengths that can be chosen, you can choose the suitable length to weave the desired shape, and cope with different usage scenarios.Quality product at a good price, worth buying.

Looking for a budget-friendly way to add some glamour to your home decor? Look no further than our pendant lighting. Pendant lights are a versatile type of ceiling light that can be used in a variety of rooms around the home. They are especially popular in living rooms and bedrooms as they provide practical lighting but can also instantly transform a room by creating a focal point. When choosing a pendant light, it is important to consider the overall style of the space and the effect you want to create. For example, a hanging pendant light with a soft, diffused glow might be perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance in a bedroom, while a brighter pendant could be more suited to a kitchen or busy living space. Whatever your interior inspiration, pendant lights are a great way to add both form and function to any room in your home. Ceiling pendants are also a great way to add a touch of personality to your home. If you're looking for something truly unique, browse our new selection of cluster pendants and metal pendant lights. Cluster pendant lights are perfect for creating an eye-catching focal point, while metal pendant lights add a touch of industrial chic.

Single pendant lamps Where a single light hangs from an electrical point on the ceiling. There are a few names for pendant lights, sometimes referred to as pendants, hanging lamps, or pendulum lights , the commonality is that there is normally a single light source or bulb.
Pendant Cluster Lights From a single electrical point on the ceiling a group of pendant shades can be clustered together, sometimes bunched tightly, sometimes staggered heights and sometimes cascading down in a spiral effect. Clustered pendant lights can have multiple bulbs all powered from a single electrical outlet.
Pendant Bar Lights By bar lights this doesn’t mean they are for pubs! It refers to a row of pendants all attached to a bar or ceiling plate. Not only do they look good as a row of pendants lined up neatly this saves you using multiple electrical points from the ceiling as bars only need one set of electrical cables to power 3, 4 or more lights. These lights are pre-wired at exacting heights for millimetre perfect lining up of the lights could also be adjusted to stagger the drops if it suited the space better.
swag light

These are lights hung on a slightly longer cable that can be hooked up securely at a height that suits the position. Initially swag lights were used when the ceiling rose was not exactly in the right place for the furniture position. As an example you see a ceiling rose or electrical point off centre above a table. Swagging the cord up would allow you to make use of the offset electrical point whilst the lampshade part could be position directly above the table top. Having said that there is no reason it needs to be an electrical point on the ceiling and creative designers made use of redundant wall lighting points. A innovative trend for swagging or hooking lights emerged.


Tiffany Pendant Lights Tiffany is now the generic term for anything that looks stained glass. Named after the famous Louis Comfort Tiffany styles, the lamps are reproductions whilst made by artisans piece by piece crafted from handmade glass using the same techniques as the originals, they are just not antique Tiffany lamps.

The open shades are perhaps one of the most practical styles. Easily to change the bulb, perfectly balanced, adjustable height, plentiful array of shapes. Here’s a few to show a small sampling of the host of pendant lamp styles available. Domed, bell shape, fluted, faceted, box, coolie and cone.

Cage pendant light Very trendy lights echoing the metal fabricated cages that surrounded inspection lamps or work lamps. Cages were then used to protect glass lamp shades. A cage pendant offers something uniquely unconventional and instantly eye-catching. This arresting appearance makes a wire cage pendant an ideal feature lighting fixture. As popularity has grown, so has choice. With so many designs and options, you can guarantee there will be a style to suit your space. there are different kind of wire cage is available Squareshape, Diamond shape, Globe Shape
cluster cage pendant light

Kitchen Island Pendant Light

In modern homes, the kitchen is often an open plan space that forms part of the living area. This can create a bright, airy feel and provide a great space for entertaining.One of the key elements in creating an open plan kitchen is the lighting. By carefully choosing kitchen lights, you can create a warm and inviting space that is perfect for socialising. When it comes to Island lighting, pendant lights are a popular choice as they are often used over a kitchen island or breakfast bar. Kitchen islands are the place to make a statement and they provide you with an opportunity to add a single pendant light or stunning pendant bar to enhance your space. With careful planning, kitchen pendant lighting can help to create a beautiful and functional space that is perfect for modern living dining room.

Pendant Lighting for hallways and stairwells.

Hanging lights can be super useful in halls and stairways as matching lamps is easy due to the fact the cord can be shortened for the lower parts of the space and left longer where ceiling height becomes taller. The consideration here is how the light is distributed. Downward facing light is great at the lower levels in the entrance hall or landing areas but in the stairwell you may require light that spreads light from all angles. Here’s an example of matching lights which could be perfect for coordinating your style in a room with varied ceiling heights.

Pendant Lights for a porch or undercover area.

If you have a porch or covered arbour it can be lovely to have a hanging light. An exterior grade pendant light will have safety ratings to ensure it’s safe to use outdoors choose your exterior light from a trusted retailer who clearly displays the IP Rating. If you are mounting a hanging light outside you may also like to think about the height. The longer the light hangs down the more it’s likely to swing in the breeze. In strong winds it may be prudent to protect any glass lights by ensuring they cannot bash against a hard object and break. Exterior grade lights will cope with most weather conditions but strong winds.

Bedroom Pendant Lights

Hanging a pendant above your bed or in the corner of a room can bring a less predictable scheme to a bedroom space. It also means you could potentially go a tiny bit larger than you may in an area which is used as a walk through, or a high traffic space such as a lounge or kitchen. Generally there are fewer people given access to the sanctuary of a bedroom and walkways are limited because corners and bed spaces don’t normally get walked on.

Pendants at either side of the bed can be good, especially if the bedside cabinet is small or a crammed pack full of other stuff. Avoid fragile flimsy lamps and opt for something robust or you could risk damaging it when you battle with putting that duvet cover on!


JWow! Thank you for reading this entire article. We appreciate it! We hope you feel self-assured in selecting and installing your new hanging light fixture. You'll find plenty of inspiration for creative ways to incorporate pendant lights into your home. Whether it's a cozy country kitchen or a spacious renovated barn, pendant lights add a stylish touch to enhance the ambiance of your home. Good lighting is essential in any house, as it provides illumination, a comforting warmth, and endless enjoyment when executed properly. Take pleasure in exploring the various possibilities that Pendant Lighting offers! Safety First! Before you begin any cleaning of your light fitting we’d suggest you turn the light off. If cleaning involves any polish, water, or spray you must turn the light off at the fuse board. If possible, remove the shades prior to washing. If the shades cannot be removed – even if you are only using a slightly damp cloth – switch the light off at the fuse board and do not switch back on until completely dry.

Term & Conditions


1.How to hang a ceiling pendant light with a chain?
Some ceiling pendants are supplied with chain suspension. They will also come with a cable (to supply the electricity) and sometimes with slim wire too.

2.Are all Pendant Lights dimmable?
We have a selection of dimmable pendant lights available, just check the specifications on the product page. Be sure to have a dimmer switch already installed and use dimmable bulbs. If in doubt, contact one of our advisors who are happy to help.

3.Are pendant lights height adjustable?
We offer a wide range of adjustable hanging lights, just follow our detailed instructions to adjust the cable, chain or cord to your desired length for your required drop.

4.Can the pendant light be shortened for low ceilings or does it look silly?
Sometimes people feel pendant lights that come with longer cable will be too long for the room and whilst you can shorten cable they worry it will spoil the look, or that the cable is provided so should be used. If you are not a fan of swagging the cable, it’s very simple to shorten it. Pendants lamps look great on short cable too. They can look just as nice with 2 inches of cable as the do with 2 metres.

5.How to wire a Pendant Light?
We advise you to get a qualified electrician to fit your new pendant light fixture. However, all our lighting products come with detailed instructions included.

6.How short or how long does it need to be?
Most ceiling pendants can be made shorter. However, there is no such thing as a standard amount of cable that comes with a ceiling pendant. This can vary between 50 cm to 2 metres – some lights can even be bespoke made to be as long as you need! What can’t be altered however, is whether it can be as short as you need. Obviously, the height of the actual fitting will vary and there will still need to be room for a little hanging space, so we’d recommend that you check the specifications as this will tell you the shortest and the longest the light can be.