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Multi – Outlet pendant ceiling Light

What is a Multi-Outlet pendant ceiling light?

Multi-outlet pendant lights are considered as a modern-day alternative to chandeliers, which can bring an excellent contemporary style to a large variety of settings. Multi-outlet light pendants and suspensions normally designed with three or more mini pendants attached to a single canopy in linear, square, rectangular or circular formations.

The main parts of a multi outlet pendant ceiling light

Where can we fix multi-outlet pendant lights?

  • Living room
  • Study rooms
  • Lounges
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Hall way
  • Studios
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes

Interior design Tips

When you are selecting Multi outlet pendant lights for your favorite space,

  • Hang clustered pendants at staggered heights for visual impact.
  • Hang all at the identical height for an announcement in symmetry.
  • Mini sized multi outlet-pendant lighting sets are a good looking addition to kitchens, foyers, dining rooms and more.
  • Multi-light pendants are a trendy choice for ambient illumination.
  • Hanging a cluster of contemporary mini multi-outlet pendant ceiling lights above the dining room table may be a great choice, too.
  • In either kitchens or dining rooms, keep the scale and shape of the island or table in mind for a clean, balanced design.
  • Square and circular pendant clusters act with small islands, moreover as square or round tables.
  • Longer islands and rectangular tables often incorporate linear or rectangular pendant formations.

They are available in an exceedingly kind of styles to suit any interior, our multi-light pendants speak to variety of design movements, starting from artistic movement lights to the ultra-minimal and modern.
The blown glass multi-outlet pendants will promote a clean and chic look.

How to hang a multi-outlet pendant light?

The next step after selecting the multi-outlet pendant ceiling light is, to identify how high the light should be hung. As we have got different seized rooms, spaces, and a huge variety of ceiling heights, measuring the height is little bit confusing

Below are some general tips that you can take into your consideration. If you're having trouble ascertaining the perfect height, referring this article is a good idea. In the future when you want to switch to a new multi outlet pendant ceiling light, it will be better and will be helpful for you if you install and fit the ceiling pendant light correctly at the beginning from today.

Above the floor

the first thing that you should take to your consideration before installing a pendant light, is the ceiling height of each room.

The standard ceiling height is 2.4 meters, and generally, in interior designing, as a rule, it is said to add 8cm to the length of a pendant light per extra 30cm of ceiling height.

As a rule of thumb, normally ceiling pendant lights are suspended of between 30 cm- 50cm from the ceiling. Smaller spaces can be lit with a single pendant light but for bigger spacious rooms, we need to go for a multi outlet pendant ceiling lights If you are still struggling to figure out the best height to hang your pendant light, try measuring from the floor up to see how your pendant will hang.

Above a table

Pendant lights look amazing above tables. Generally, a height of 70 to 80cm above a tabletop gives the perfect placement, ensuring that no one bumps into the light or that it doesn't obscure views across the table. And also when setting it up above a table, it is wise to consider that the lighting is 20 to 30cm from the edges of the table.

Above the bed and side tables

Placing pendant lights within a bedroom always work excellent! It may be as general or ambient lighting along with a dimmer switch. It is only a matter of your choice. Hanging pendants over bedside tables has become a popular design of every time. The best height to hang them is 35 to 50cm above the bedside table. If you are installing a pendant light above the bed, hang it at least 2.1 meters above the floor.

Above an island bench

It is better to be conscious of the height between your pendant light and the top of the kitchen island bench. If you hang the pendant light too law, you will risk creating an overwhelming and crowded space that won’t be inviting to visitors. In a Similar way, if it’s hung too high, the lights will be disproportionate to the kitchen island. A good height to follow is hanging a pendant light around 70 to 80cm above the island bench and adjust accordingly for higher ceilings and pendant light types.

Space in-between

If you have an idea to use multiple pendant lights, they should be generally spaced out 50-80cm apart. However, this idea may be flexible, especially if you want to create a cluster, a unique statement or have limited spacing.

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