Lamp Holders

Vintage lamp holders

Did you consider the below facts when designing a lighting equipment?

When you have to select a proper lamp holder, also known as light bulb holders, light sockets, lamp sockets or light bulb sockets, remember, it is a significant decision in the process. It is a device for securing a lamp to its support; specifically a socket or holder fitted with electric terminals, into which the top of the glass globe of a vintage bulb is fitted, or from which it hangs.

What is LED driver?

The selection of the bulb will depend on many variables such as size, lumen, energy efficiency, bulb life, etc. As soon as the bulb has been selected, you are good to go for lamp holder selection process.
Shopping for Vintage lamp holders?

When Is LED Transformer/Driver Necessary?

You clicked it correct! Discover an extensive range of vintage lamp holders from LEDSone Vintage metal lamp holders, Vintage Bakelite holders, Vintage ceramic holders

We have numerous variations in our lamp holders: 

Smooth lamp holders, Smooth holders with ring lamp holders, Modern, Retro, industrial lamp holders, Vintage Edison lamp holders, Retro Antique Vintage lamp holders Screw cap industrial lamp holders, Antique retro lamp holders, Batten shaped lamp holders, Barrel shaped lamp holders, Tube lamp holders, Threaded lamp holders, Bottle shaped lamp holders, Ring lamp holders, Pendant light lamp holders and etc.And also available in numerous colours: Yellow brass, Green brass, Rose gold, French gold, Copper, Shiny copper, Nickel, Shiny black, White, Black, Matt black, Chrome and etc.


    • Size: approx.
    • The portable E-27 screw-on bulb holder
    • Rated voltage: 110-250V
    • Rated current: 10A

Vintage ceramic holders

  • They will add an authentic, retro look to your house.
  • Bakelite lamp holders are more suitable for use in retro or traditional lamps than a plastic holder.
  • The Bakelite lamp holders have the ability to withstand 1900C temperature.
  • Operating at max 250 volts, with bulb base available in E27
  • Widely used for stairways, basement, bathroom, and so on
  • A wide variety of Bakelite lamp holders are available just for you!


  • Base type: E27
  • Rated current: 4(A)
  • Rated voltage: 250(V)
  • Material: metal + heat-resistant plastic
  • Socket type: E27
  • Certification: CE, CQC