Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights

When you are planning to illuminate your dream house, thousands of questions may pop up in your mind. In those numerous questions, ceiling lights play a major role because a perfect and well-planned lighting can change the ambience, mood and the interiors of your house. As one mark decides whether you have passed or failed your exam, ceiling lights in your house may decide whether you have passed or failed in illuminating your house. A well-designed lighting in your house may last an everlasting first impression in your guests’ hearts.

How to find an easy fit light shade? Are there any non-electric ceiling lights with no wiring required? What are the colours should I use? Should it be crystal, metal, Aluminum & Nickel, glass or multi-coloured?  How to choose a lampshade for the ceiling of the living room, bedroom, or kitchen? Whether to use hanging lamp or table lamp? Whether to use pendant lights or pendant lamps? Which ceiling light is best for my bedroom? What are Retro lampshades? Whether to use Retro drum lampshades, mid-century lampshades, Retro fabric lampshades? How to use vintage and modern lampshades appropriately? Is it okay to use metal lampshades for ceiling lights?

The central focus of a house; Ceiling lights are the lighting fixtures which are directly fixed to the ceiling and can light a room or a specific area obeying the designer rules of lampshades. When we draw our attention to the determiners of the lightshade quality, the type of the bulb and the wattage are the key points. As lightshades come in variety of colours, you may have to decide which colours to be used since it depends on your desires: you can go for darker colours (black, dark blue) if you do not want a lot of light, you can choose some brighter colours (white, yellow) and if you are going with a certain theme, then you have to change the discussed plan above.

Even though all the light fixtures follow the same structure: a bulb, a wire and a circuit, there is a huge variety in light fixtures because it is obvious that different types, different styles add an amazing organization, more luxurious look to your house becoming a show piece of your house.

We are here to help you illuminate your house in a unique way giving your house a royal look and answering all your questions.

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