2 Core Twisted Cable

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2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Covered By Rayon Solid Yellow Color Fabric 0.75mm~3242
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable solid Yellow color fabric 0.75 mm
5m Yellow 2 Core 8ampTwisted Electric Fabric 0.75mm Cable~1770
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Covered By Solid Black Color Fabric 0.75mm~3241
Black 2 Core Twisted Electric Fabric 5M Cable~1769
Black 2 Core Twisted Electric Fabric 5M Cable~1769

Black 2 Core Twisted Electric Fabric 5M Cable~1769

Regular price $13.00 USD
Sale price
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Blue Color Fabric 0.75mm~3020
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Blue colour 5m fabric 0.75mm
5m Blue 2 Core Twisted Electric Fabric 0.75mm Cable~1762
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Light Blue Color Fabric 0.75mm~3021
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Light Blue colour 5m fabric 0.75mm
5m Light Blue 2 Core 8amp Twisted Electric Fabric 0.75mm Cable~1763
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Dark Blue Color Fabric 0.75mm~3014
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Dark Blue colour 5m fabric 0.75mm
5m Dark Blue 2 Core Twisted Electric Fabric 0.75mm Cable~1756
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Purple Color Fabric 0.75mm~3007
2 Core Twisted Electric Cable Purple colour 5m fabric 0.75mm
5m Purple 2 Core 8amp Twisted Electric Fabric 0.75mm Cable~1750

Fabric Cables

Fabric cords have become a charming and fashionable substitute for traditional plastic cables. Over the past few years, they have gained recognition for their flexibility, safety, and visual appeal. Whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast or a connoisseur of interior design, fabric cords provide a chance to add sophistication and individuality to your surroundings. In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of fabric cords, discussing their benefits, creative uses, and everything else in the middle.

We offer a fantastic selection of lighting cables that come in options for either two or three conductors. Our creative and flexible lighting flex cables are specifically designed to be highly flexible and durable.

2 Core Twisted Cable

Ledsone offers a wide selection of braided flex cables, including the 2 Core Twisted braided flex. These cables come in an assortment of vibrant colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your personal style. The 2-core twisted flex features two cables that have been individually braided and twisted, resulting in a visually appealing flex. This makes it an excellent choice for decorative lamps and installations.

Constructed from copper and PVC, this twisted fabric cable features 2 cores and boasts a very high-quality antique design. It is ideal for rewiring antiquated lamp lights, chandeliers, and pendant lights. Additionally, it is double insulated and fully complies with all current regulations in the UK.

The Basics of 2-Core Twisted Cables:

Before we delve into their applications, let's start with the fundamentals. 2-core twisted cables consist of two insulated conductors twisted together within a protective sheath. These conductors are typically made of copper or aluminum and are responsible for carrying electrical current or data signals. The twisted configuration serves several crucial purposes, including reducing electromagnetic interference and enhancing signal integrity.

Applications of 2-Core Round Cables:

    • Telecommunications:

In the field of telecommunications, 2-core twisted cables serve as a crucial foundation. They are widely utilized in telephone systems, enabling the transmission of voice and data signals over long distances while minimizing any disruption.

    • Ethernet Networking:

When it comes to networking, twisted pair cables are a popular choice. These cables are commonly employed in Ethernet networks to establish connections between computers, routers, switches, and other networking devices. The twisting of the wires helps to reduce interference and ensures the reliable transmission of data.

    • Audio and Video Transmission:

Professionals in the audio and video industry often rely on 2-core twisted cables to connect microphones, speakers, and video equipment. The design of these cables is specifically aimed at minimizing any interference in the signal, which ultimately results in the delivery of high-quality audio and video transmission.

    • Safety Mechanisms:

The anti-interference characteristics of twisted pair cables are advantageous for security systems. These cables are utilized to transfer video feeds and provide power to security cameras and other equipment.

    • Automation in Industries:

Within industrial environments, the presence of 2-core twisted cables is essential for automation and control systems. These cables facilitate the transfer of control signals and data between sensors, controllers, and machinery.

The Power of Usage

Two-core fabrics are primarily utilized for transmitting mains power to applications that don't necessitate an independent earth connection. While it's possible to employ the armor as a separate earth (CPC), this practice is not advisable if the specific application you are wiring into mandates an earth connection.

Brown Braided 2-Core colored lighting cable is perfectly suited for ornamental lighting purposes. Crafted from woven silk fabric, this flex can be easily cut to the desired length. The twisted cable design complements well with vintage and traditional lighting fixtures, adding an aesthetic touch to historic and classic settings.

As you can see, if you are in the market to purchase 2 core cables there are many options available to you. They come with a wide range of capabilities and features and can be used in a variety of capacities. The amount of care that is put into the development of each one will vary from product to product, but most good quality manufacturers provided flex cables above should give you the start that you need as it relates to your cable needs and wants, including a list of all the top providers available for your use living room.


Importance of Core Count in Electrical Wiring

2-core cable does not have a grounding wire and is suitable for use with any electrical device that has a non-conductive exterior. However, if the light, lamp, bulb holder, or fitting has a conductive or metallic exterior, it must be connected using a 3-core cable to prevent the risk of electric shock or severe harm.

In essence, cables consist of two live cores and an additional cable. If the device you are connecting needs a grounding connection, then a core cable is necessary. Brass lamp holders always need to be grounded. However, Bakelite and porcelain lamp holders are non-conductive and therefore don't need to be grounded.

The primary distinction between a cable with one core and a cable with multiple cores lies in the number of conductors employed. The level of flexibility inherent in the cable also holds significant importance, with single-core cables exhibiting greater flexibility and adaptability.

wire core transmits double the current of a 2-wire cable naturally, a 4-conductor cable is thicker and costlier in comparison to a single core wire. It may be tempting to opt for the more economical choice, but I strongly recommend prioritizing the quality of the cable over its price.



Perfect for use with industrial-style lighting or for a contemporary look with modern fittings. Our range of fabric-covered cables suits a whole variety of interiors and lighting applications.

Whether intended to create a vintage or contemporary look, we offer a cable to suit the style. Each cable is covered in the absolute best quality Italian braided fabric in various finishes

Combined with one of our decorative lamp holders this brown flex cable can be used to help create a one-of-a-kind light fitting tailored to your own unique style.

Shipping & Return

For all orders exceeding a value of £20, shipping is offered for free. Returns will be accepted for up to 30 days of the Customer’s receipt or tracking number on unworn items. You, as a Customer, are obliged to inform us via email before you return the item. Otherwise, standard shipping charges apply. Check out our delivery Terms & Conditions for more details.

FAQS Questions

Can you use 2 core cables for lighting?

If there is a safe route for the flex with no potential for damage, then a 2-core flex can be used to supply the plastic-fitted lamp holder. However in this case an isolator must be used in the base of the lampholder to ensure there is plenty of isolation to the metal parts of the lamp base.

What is 2 core electrical cable?

2 core cable is comprised of live and neutral conductors only, suitable for the appliance Class. It is important to check your Appliance Class with your qualified electrical contractor.

Is it safe to use a 2 core cable?

2 core cable does not include an earthing wire and can be used with any electrical object that has a non-conductive outside surface any light, lamp bulb holder, fitting with a conductive or metal outside surface to serious damage.

Where is the core cable used?

2 Core cables are used in general purpose applications such as home appliances and power tools and also used in low voltage where there is no need for grounding.