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Modern Industrial Polished Chrome Smoked Glass Wall light-App 2
Modern Industrial Polished Chrome Smoked Glass Wall light

Modern Industrial Polished Chrome Smoked Glass Wall light~4905

Regular price $33.00 USD
Sale price
Modern Amber Glass wall lamp Copper Plate E27 Base Indoor Wall sconce~4901
Modern Amber Glass wall lamp Copper Plate E27 Base Indoor Wall sconce
Modern Amber Glass wall lamp Copper Plate E27 Base Indoor Wall sconce~4903
Modern Amber Glass wall lamp Copper Plate E27 Base Indoor Wall sconce
Vintage Wall Lamp Light SingleChrome Smoked Glass Sconces Lamp Wall Light-App 2
Vintage Wall Lamp Light SingleChrome Smoked Glass Sconces Lamp Wall Light
Wall lamps for living room
Modern wall light
Outdoor LED Wall Light Modern Lamp Porch Garden Lighting 7W Wall Lamp Fixture~4496
Outdoor LED Wall Light Modern Lamp Porch Garden Lighting 7W Wall Lamp Fixture~4496
Up and down lights
Porch light
Porch lights outdoor
sensor light

Eyebrow LED Round Wall Light Aluminium Lighting Fixtures~4498

Regular price $15.00 USD
Sale price
Exterior lights for house
Wall light waterproof
Led wall sconce
Indoor wall light
Wall lights for bedrooms
Black wall lights

3W LED outdoor wall lamp Aluminum Exterior IP54 Down Wall Light~4504

Regular price $15.00 USD
Sale price
Outdoor down lights
Modern wall light

6W LED outdoor wall lamp Aluminum Exterior IP54 Down Wall Light~4960

Regular price $20.00 USD
Sale price $22.00 USD

Wall light

Wall fixtures are an excellent option for illuminating your residence. They occupy very little space and are available in a wide variety of styles to suit any room and budget. Depending on the positioning and usage, strategically placed lighting can create the illusion of a more spacious room or emit a cosy and welcoming radiance. Experiment with wall sconce lighting to bring light to dim corners, enhance a poorly lit reading nook, or introduce a visually captivating element to your walls. Expand your knowledge on stairway wall decoration and revitalise your staircase by referring to our comprehensive manual. Unsure about what you require or where to begin? We offer an array of wall lamps, including traditional sconce lights such as candle arm and dual lamps which are great for adding elegance and warmth. 

Wall washers are a popular choice of wall lighting that can change the atmosphere of a room by illuminating the wall. We offer a range of contemporary wall lights and modern wall lights that can provide the perfect finishing touch. There is a variety of wall lights available in various sizes and shapes, including both small and large wall lamps. Ledsone.co.uk offers a wide selection of wall lights to choose from. Whatever room you need to illuminate, you can find the perfect wall lamp for you. We have a range of options, including designer wall lights, contemporary wall lamps, traditional styles, and more affordable options. If you're searching for wall lights for a specific room, we have several choices available. Don't forget to explore our collection of LED wall lights as well.Wall lights are finished in different materials and colours, making them perfect for all kinds of home styles. Something for everyone!


Indoor wall sconces:- It's designed for inside the home, focus on enhancing interior aesthetics and providing functional lighting. Often used for ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other indoor spaces. Indoor wall sconces are lighting fixtures that are mounted on walls, typically at eye level, to provide ambient or accent lighting in indoor spaces.


Outdoor wall sconces are designed specifically for exterior spaces, such as patios, porches, entryways, and gardens.Specifically designed for outdoor use, such as on patios, porches, and outdoor walls.

Our wall lights are a different type
of style that most popular Vintage / Retro style wall light & modern style also available at Ledsone.co.uk  Decide whether you want the wall lights to contrast with the existing decor or blend in. For example, if you have a modern room, Vintage style wall light can add an interesting contrast.

What are the benefits of using wall lights in a home?

  • Wall lights can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a room, making it feel more comfortable and welcoming. By providing soft and diffused lighting, wall lights can help set the mood for relaxation and comfort.
  • Certain types of wall lights can be used to provide task lighting for specific activities, such as reading or working on a computer. Placing wall lights above a desk or next to a bedside can provide the right amount of lighting without being too harsh or bright.
  • Wall lights can be used to highlight artworkWhat distinguishes a wall light from a wall sconce? The terms wall light and wall sconce are commonly employed to categorise both types of lighting fixtures. However, in simple terms, a regular wall light is a fixture that is suspended and usually has a visible light source. Conversely, a wall sconce is traditionally affixed flush against the wall, with the light source typically concealed by glass. Both wall lighting and wall sconces have the ability to manipulate the emitted light, enabling you to enhance the ambiance of your room using both the lamp and the quality of the light itself. or other decorative features in a room. By placing wall lights such as picture lights above a piece of artwork, you can draw attention to it and create a focal point in the room. Similarly, using wall lights to highlight architectural features, such as exposed beams, can add depth and visual interest to the space.
  • Wall lights can be a space saving alternative to table lamps or floor lamps. By mounting lights on the wall, you can free up floor space and create a cleaner and more streamlined look in the room. Wall lights are the perfect basic lighting in any room.
  • Wall lights can be used as accent lighting: for example, when you want to highlight a painting in the hall or a beautiful cupboard in the living room or bedroom.
  • In general these lamps take up little space: you mount them on the wall, so you don't bother with cords on the floor, or that (like with a floor lamp) the lamp takes up a lot of space in the room.
  • Wall mounted lighting offers a source of general lighting that works with ceiling lights to provide basic orientation and subtly accentuate a certain part of the room. Mounted at eye level, wall lights can make a strong design statement that can’t be overlooked. And wall lighting can be a great space-saver, too – for example, swing-arm lights for your bedroom.

Up down Wall light

Up and Down Lights are a great way of creating atmosphere in the home. The lamps have a directed light beam upwards and downwards. The light beam that shines downwards can also be used as a reading lamp or to put something in the spotlight (for example, a cupboard in the hall). Although simply designed, they wash the wall with a decorative two-way pattern of light for a cosy, welcoming effect. You can use these lights to enliven bare walls. They’re also effective when placed either side of room features such as doorways, windows, or pictures. We sell many up and down wall light.

Plug In wall light

These wall lights have a switch on the wall plate that allows you to turn the lamp on and off. At Ledsone you will find this lamp in various colours, materials and interior styles.
Our contemporary, modern, and retro plug-in wall lights are easy to fit, giving you the added convenience of a standard three-pin plug while offering some outstanding modern industrial lighting styles. With a 2m black twisted fabric flex cable connecting the plug and light, these plug-in wall lights erfect pieces to accompany any room in the house.

They are especially popular when used as bedroom lighting or plug-in kitchen lighting. All of our plug-in lights can be customised with a range of stunning modern and retro light shades from our collection. Matching family items are also available to help you achieve a cohesive, refined look in your interiors.

Plug in wall light you can lovely wall light just where you want it.there are lots of places to use a wall light that simply plugs in here's a few ideas:- Bedside lights,At the dressing table , Kitchen areas,the living room, we have traditional and modern wall lights that LED Modern lights perfactly to match your decor. Bedside tables, desk, dressing tables, are can easily become Cluttered so Placing a plug in wall light on the wall.

where can I use wall light

Hallway/Staircase :-View our range of elegant hallway wall lights. Choosing to install lighting on your walls in the hallway is welcoming and can really improve greetings to the home. We have sold lighting for hallways to homeowners, hotels and regularly have orders from home renovators and builders. Thanks to our wide selection built through our relationships with manufacturers across the world, we have wall hall lights available in many styles and materials. All wall lights come with free UK delivery on orders over £20 It's create a relaxed, tempered setting.

light for living room:- create a subtle ambience, improve your task lighting, :-highlight your wall art.Living room wall lights can really make your main room feel more luxurious and inviting. You can install wall lights on either side of the television, above the fireplace or on both sides of an installed mirror. We sell a wide range of different styles, materials and types including LED wall lights for living rooms. We also have matching living room pendant lights to complete the room.

Kitchen:-Home owners with larger kitchens tend to install kitchen wall lights to improve lighting in the room. When installed in specific areas throughout the kitchen, such as by the oven or near to the sink, they can make a real difference when you are preparing food, cooking or even washing up. They are great for kitchen diners as kitchen sconces can be installed close to the dining table which is usually positioned away from the main light source. We sell a range of kitchen wall lights in popular materials and styles. All lights available on our website at Ledsone.co.uk.

light for the bedroom/ bedside wall lamp:-Create a relaxing and intimate ambience in the bedroom with wall lighting. This can be done by placing sconces on either side of the bed or by having reading lights that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The Wall Lighting Company is the perfect place to find unique and stylish wall lights for your home. We have a wide range of bedroom wall lights sourced from all over the world, so you can be sure to find something that suits your style. We also offer free delivery within the UK for orders over £20. Browse our collection of bedroom wall lights today and find the perfect light for your space. save space with task lighting, position lights next to the bed for reading, or by the mirror for applying make-up. Choose a swing-arm light for added flexibility.


Thank you for reading this entire article. We appreciate it! We hope you feel self-assured in selecting and installing your new modern style & traditional Vintage style wall light . You'll find plenty of inspiration for creative ways to incorporate wall lights into your home. Whether it's a cozy country kitchen or a spacious renovated barn, wall lights add a stylish touch to enhance the ambiance of your home. Good lighting is essential in any house, as it provides illumination, a comforting warmth, and endless enjoyment when executed properly. Take pleasure in exploring the various possibilities that wall Lighting offers! Safety First! Before you begin any cleaning of your light fitting we’d suggest you turn the light off. If cleaning involves any polish, water, or spray you must turn the light off at the fuse board. If possible, remove the shades prior to washing. If the shades cannot be removed – even if you are only using a slightly damp cloth – switch the light off at the fuse board and do not switch back on until completely dry.


how do I choose the right wall light
By putting emphasis on completely transforming a room, choosing the perfect wall light fixture is as simple as choosing the correct fixture for the proportion of the room. Make sure it sits well and looks great at eye level or the general height of 5ft above the ground. The perfect wall light will be the statement feature of the room and can give the room a cosy atmosphere with beautiful accents. Wall lights can also be placed to illuminate smaller or darker rooms, therefore making the best use of the available space.

How do I mount a wall lamp?
To install a wall lamp, first remove the mounting bracket by unscrewing it. Then, use the screws and screw plugs provided to secure the bracket onto the wall. Next, slide the wall light onto the mounting bracket and fasten it by screwing it on. Typically, this requires using two screws on the elevated edges of the bracket.

How do you wire a wall mounted light?
Most wall-mounted lighting comes with all the necessary hardware. This usually includes a strap with a center stud (The strap also helps carry heat away from the fixture). Splice the white fixture lead to the white wire and the black lead to the black wire. Connect the grounds.

how many lumens for outdoor wall light
A range of 700 - 1300 lumens is often recommended for outdoor wall light fixtures used in spotlighting applications